Book Reviews 2019: India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

October 29, 2019: This year’s book reviews include two that focus on the relationship between Islamist extremism and broader national life – Madiha Afzal, writing about Pakistan, and Joseph Allchin, examining Bangladesh. The other three are primarily historical, but examine the historical roots of issues that are still with us. Srinath Raghavan puts his historian’s scalpel to work dissecting the US approach to South Asia, along three axes: power, ideology, and culture. Gyan Prakash looks at India’s Emergency, arguing that the stage was set for it decades earlier. And Walter Andersen and Sridhar Damle, in a sequel to their earlier classic book on the Hindutva movement, analyze the RSS and its role in Indian life and politics.

Read full reviews here.

This is a preprint of an article submitted for consideration in Survival: Global Politics and Strategy ©, The International Institute for Strategic Studies.

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