India and Global Nonproliferation

The Working Group on an Expanded Nonproliferation System, headed by Teresita Schaffer and Joan Rohlfing, President of the Nuclear Threat Initiative, issued a statement June 30, 2010 recommending that India and the United States declare their intention to work together to bring India into the four export control groups that form part of the nonproliferation system. They argued that this would strengthen the nonproliferation system, and that it would give India the opportunity it seeks to be part of the management of this system rather than an object of its controls.

The statement was originally appeared on the CSIS and NTI web sites. To read it in full, go to Statement.

Click to read analytical papers prepared for the Working Group by Lisa Curtis, Senior Research Fellow, Heritage Foundation, and C. Raja Mohan, Strategic Affairs Editor, Indian Express. Both reports were published on the CSIS and NTI web sites December 8, 2010.

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